Human Rights

Human Rights:  The Golden Thread

Under the expansive spectrum of human rights, we find all the legal branches of the law. South Africa’s human rights framework is built on a constitutional democracy where upholding  human rights is the golden thread across my focus areas and indeed the legal fraternity.  The human rights page is intended to be a catch all site for developmental issues that are within the legal landscape but not the main focus areas. The platform is dedicated to addressing crucial issues that impact individuals and communities, reflecting on the interconnected nature of human rights and its influence on policies, agreements, and societal structures.

An intersection of fields

The Human Rights  section is a convergence point for impactful discussions, diving into critical human rights issues that transcend singular domains. From the African Free Trade Agreement to the far-reaching implications of the Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS) agreements, this space sheds light on the intersection  and  policy developments that significantly affect human lives in Africa.