Mining Law & Environmental

Mining and environmental law intersect at a critical juncture where economic development meets ecological sustainability. In South Africa, this convergence is particularly crucial, marked by ongoing dialogues and pivotal shifts within the mining industry. Understanding this intersection unveils a landscape where social, environmental, and economic imperatives converge.

Embracing the interdependence of transitional justice and climate change creates a dialogue that exceeds the limitations of traditional justice frameworks. It highlights the importance of an inclusive and sustainable strategy to address past environmental injustices while setting a path that secures a healthy coexistence between humans and the world.

By recognizing the role of  transitional justice in the climate transition debate, we move away from the past and  closer  to an environmentally fair future. The just transition is another marked shift for humanity where this time, the environment is also a beneficiary of peace and justice. In this area, I  explore critical developments, challenges and conversations in the mining law and environmental sectors.