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Welcome to my research and insight (RI) digital portfolio. Explore the intersection of transitional justice, mining, environmental law, and gender justice within the broader realm of human rights in South Africa. As a growing economic powerhouse and political influencer in Africa, South Africa has been a fascinating illustration of these fields in both implementation and  leading regional conversations on improvements for sustainable use on the continent. 

Constitution Hill, South Africa

The RI page highlights critical conversations and developments in those domains. By relying on a combination of methodologies, I share impactful  stories and insight for scholars, practitioners, and anyone engaged in South Africa’s exploration of transitions historically,  economically, and environmentally

Focus Areas

Khulumani #OperationGalela 2022. Constitution Hill.

Transitional Justice

Transitional Justice is a unique form of justice for societies emerging from conflict to ensure a peaceful political transition. South Africa is widely recognized for its Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the 1990s, but the country has witnessed numerous political challenges and changes under democracy. 

A key part of my approach is to emphasize that transitional justice is an inherent process of any society.  Ahead of critical changes such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR),climate change and seeking justice efforts- I highlight important conversations and policy considerations surrounding ‘just transitions’ or change management. 

Mining Law and Environmental Justice

Since the enactment of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act 28  (MPRDA) in 2002, South Africa’s extractive industry has undergone various policy and institutional transitions. The RI discussions in the mining and environmental sector will focus on the impact, developments, conversations with key stakeholders, and leaders in the mining industry. 


Mining rehabilitation site in the West of Johannesburg
Women's Jail museum. Constitution Hill


During policy or political transitions, gender rights are often ignored, thus creating harmful gaps of inclusion in the “new” society.  Engendered reflects on the state of gender justice and equity in South Africa  as well as gendered monitoring and evaluation.